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Drugs in School and Student Rights — April 12, 2015

Drugs in School and Student Rights

Drugs found in educational institutes today for instance the U.S Secondary educational institutions, middle schools and high schools are more than likely to be of performance enhancing drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, Oxytocin, Hydro morphs, and Marijuana. (Pictures)   These examples of illicit drugs provide students with a proper frame of mind and concentration when it comes to success in their education. School board officials should imbed certain programs to educate their students on commonly used cognitive enhancing illicit drugs, teach them how to properly use, dispose and identify these drugs. Not only for the purpose of a better educational experience but to provide their students with an understanding and knowledge of inheriting the many levels of consequences associated with irresponsible substance abuse.

The usage of cognitive substances in the educational system has always been part of its history so why not regulate its usage to lessen the stress of wide spread misusage and the introduction of new more dangerous substances. If the institutions provided a regulation system to insure proper usage is in place (such as alcohol limit driving). “Drug testing has become a vastly used method of student drug use deterrence” (James, May June 2010). The regulation as well as the type of substances in question cause little to no destruction or damage (not party drugs) and are used for far more productive uses. As such I suggest that the use of these substances should simply be left alone as it causes no harm.

            “It’s widely accepted that drug use negatively impacts student health and wellness” (James, May June 2010, p. 1). Performance enhancing drugs have been known to aid in college and university students. It is those who are seeking to improve their grades by “preventing sleep” and “increasing memory”, and more time to feel like they have the power to sit down after the hectic day that many students endure, and study without disturbance. Studies show that some drugs can help memory retention and comprehension such as Ritalin, Adderall, Hydro morphs, marijuana and oxytocin. “Drug use has been associated with a variety of undesirable behaviors” (James, May June 2010, p. 1)[i]. It is believed that performance enhancing drugs create the feeling of increased relaxation, concentration, focus towards goal orientation, and increased motivation towards things one wouldn’t normal do. Unlike other more fatal drugs like ecstasy or LSD that can cause permanent bodily harm, and in some cases it has been known to have outburst of extreme violence leading to destructive behavior. Unlike sensory altering drugs, performance enhancing drugs are not likely to cause rowdiness, destructive and unacceptable profane behavior.

It is a known fact that the U.S government has been willing to spend millions of dollars to the schools boards across America that is to provide for drug testing programs. “Upwards of 10% of adolescent drug testing screens are susceptible to error.” (James, May June 2010, p. 5) Proving that not all testing is effective; incorporating financial aid programs into communities to educate on drug use and its consequences, not only on society but also on one’s self.

“25.5% of U.S middle or secondary schools have implemented drug testing programs in 2006.” (James, May June 2010, p. 1) If this money were to be used towards programs such as the “Big Brother, Big Sister Program or the Y.M.C.A to provide an alternate outlet for youth and young adults to interact in a positive manner, rather than substance use. The placement of educational and alternative outlet programs in areas has proven to be more effective or at the least equally effective as other implemented testing programs are in deterring substance use as well it would cost the state far less. These programs are also good for the community to interact with one another and lessen the likely hood of criminal behavior in the community.

While yes drug test has proved to deter the use of substances, there are more productive cheaper ways to provide the same outcome as testing the students which is; at best mildly humiliating time consuming and extremely invasive. Government funded programs can provide jobs, community involvement programs such as community gardens or park clean-up crews.

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Careers research Essay Paper —

Careers research Essay Paper

Great science career options not regularly explored .What I choose to do this research paper on; anthropology, archaeology, and forensic artist. Through interviews and research I will examine each career, their pros and cons, educational requirements, and career benefits suited for the job. Starting with the least explored of the chosen career choices… Forensic artist.

I choose forensic artist as an option for one of three possible careers. It seemed to be one of the better available choices in the immediate career cluster of unexplored science disciplines. The first thing I took a look at was the demand in Canada for this particular career. It seemed to be almost none existent just a rare handful in Canada, making this obviously a highly completive field!

The education for Forensic artist is vast. Although most forensic artist have a combination ‘career title’ for example… Police officer/Forensic artist. While the education for police officer and other law enforcement is common specific education for forensic artist depends on the individual. Anything from a two-year art degree to a bachelor in fine arts will allow you to do forensic artist, it is also suggested that a degree in biology could be helpful. As well many forensic artists have specialties in different areas such as sketching facial reconstruction, and aging process.

Some of the other tasks forensic artist may be required to do is art interviewing witnesses, cataloging items, and specialists in court cases. While most forensic artist have combined jobs in law enforcement some take the risk of being a freelance forensic artist. The average salary for freelance forensic artist is approximately $35,000 a year for roughly 30 compositions. Where’s say a police officer who is also a forensic artist would approximately make 70,000 a year with less than 30 compositions. You would think from watching all the crime scene investigating television shows they would be a high demand for forensic artists, when in actuality there is almost no potential for growth. Forensic artists are a scarce resource and cost far too much for regular investigations to use. In one year Toronto Ontario used a sketch artist just once, with today’s technology of photography it is becoming easier to get out images of criminals and missing people; rendering forensic artists obsolete. In fact the only reason to use a forensic artist would be to reconstruct skeletal remains or in the age process of children who have be missing for many years.

The second career choice in this cluster of careers is archaeology. Archaeologists have a large-scale of possible career field responsibilities and duties. Every archaeologist has a responsibility to record and analyze as well as interpret the use of the artifacts. Whether it be museum curators, field assistants, a researcher, or a professor.

Some construction companies higher archaeologists to aid in potential construction sites; you can also find archaeologists in heritage centers and on local committees such as in mayor’s offices. Since 2010 there’s been a 6% growth in the demand for archaeologists and as you can see the above listed of career options for archaeologist. You can find many placements, and  potential careers without a PhD in archaeology; however it is strongly recommended to go the full length with your education in receiving a PhD in archaeology. Many field assistants have a BA in archaeology earning anywhere from $12 an hour to $16 an hour, while saying a museum curator with the PhD would earn anywhere from 80,000 -100,000 a year, and most archaeologists who have a career in an indirect field of archaeology average an income of 45,000 a year. There are many types of archaeologists in the world for example ‘underwater archaeology’, ‘cultural archaeologist’, ‘experimental archaeology’, ‘prehistoric archaeology’ and many many more. Each field is a specialty some require many years of study while others require far less. (CAS)

I interviewed Mikael Eboskog and archaeologist in his later years currently managing a museum. I found his interview most interesting compared to the others I interviewed in the different career fields talked about in this paper. My first question for the interview was “At what age did you decide to become an archaeologist, and who/what influenced you to go into the field?” His response was interesting in itself, he never thought of becoming an archaeologist and was at a dead-end career when he turned 29 and decided to go back to school to study history his passion. After completing college he quickly realized that he was going to University to study archaeology it wasn’t until his late 30s when he finally graduated with a PhD in archaeology. While he told me many interesting things during our conversation the most important information I received from him was to never hesitate in sharing my opinion , to follow my heart’s interest, to keep my unique edge,  and to just enjoy myself. (Eboskog, 2014)

The final career option chosen for this paper is anthropology. While there are many fields of anthropology I’ve geared the following information to the work of cultural anthropologists for simplicity sake. Anthropology is the study of language art traditions and customs. The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree. People with a bachelor’s degree are often employed at museums, universities, businesses, hospitals, and penitentiaries. While a bachelor’s degree for anthropology usually requires approximately 6 years of university education. Within each specialty group there are specialties within itself for example cultural anthropologists often specialize in one component such as marriage rituals, dancing, legal structure, music, language, art, or relationships.

What I found most interesting is the abundance of facilities now requiring anthropologists including government facilities. Since 2008 there’s been a 12% increase, and is expected to grow 28% projected increase for anthropologists in the next five years. There is an average income of 58,000 a year for cultural anthropologist with a BA degree. An income vastly ranging from 58,000 a year to 80,000 a year for cultural anthropologists is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other anthropologists such as mortuary anthropologists and forensic anthropologists have a higher income and a higher demand and potential for growth.

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Annotated Bibliography; What Makes A Creative Person? —

Annotated Bibliography; What Makes A Creative Person?

Through reading many studies I have come to see that there are many perspectives on this topic. From philosophers to biologist, however with that I’ve noticed that no matter ones field of argument the underlying fuel for this debate is the old time classic of Nature vs. Nurture. The articles I used for this paper look at a wide range of what might contribute to an individual’s creativity from mental illness to dedication of a particular craft. I will also be looking at the higher potential creative people have in displaying deviant behavior, and how this can aid or destroy ones success.

The first paper I am introducing is “Why the Left-Brain Right-Brain Myth Will Probably Never Die” (Jarrette, 2012). This paper greatly outlines the myth of the right side of the brain and the left and the ideas of what each side is responsible for; while there is some truth to it, it’s far less black and white then ‘one side does this the other that’. The left-brain right-brain myth will probably never die because it has become a powerful metaphor for different ways of thinking – logical, focused and analytic versus broad-minded and creative.” (Jarrette, 2012, p. 1). This quote shows a simple understanding of the human something that people enjoy as it is more appealing to think that only people who are creative have successfully tapped into this unique side of the human brain. This is not so the sides of the human brain are connected by a thick fibrous tissue that allows each side of the brain to communicate with each other. This was remarkably found in the 60’s during a split-brain study when they treated patience with epilepsy by cutting the fibers that connected each side; after doing this they realized that the brain acted separately. Among many other studies when one side of the brain is targeted the other hemisphere does not respond in the same way, sometimes even storytelling to make up for the lack of understanding. (Jarrette, 2012) The human brain is more complex than the ever so appealing left side right side metaphor we know so well.

Now that we have an understanding of each hemisphere in the human brain I want to talk about the personalities creative tend to possess. Using “Characteristics of Highly Creative People” (Baumgartner, 2012). This paper was very helpful in understanding the creative mind and how and why it works in the manor it does. It is common belief that creative people tend to be a bit more rebellious, and in some ways this is true however most averagely creative people will comply with society’s norms it is normally only the highly creative people who think outside of the box and succeed in their chosen craft. (Baumgartner, 2012)  It was also noteworthy that while most people think that creative people are driven by emotion and instinct; this is actually really untrue as creative people are more logical than anything else. This allows them to see things in a different more clear way; it also makes it easier for them to materialize their ideas. Another astonishing behavioral trait of creative people tends to be their ability to be less honest. “The reason for this seems to be that creative people can use their creativity to justify their actions in ways that less creative people cannot do.” (Baumgartner, 2012, p. 3). Creative people feel that they do not need to fit into society’s demands, and this works for the creative well; as it allows them to do as they wish with little guilt allowing their work to be displayed to the masses. (Baumgartner, 2012)

Leading into the much darker side of creativity I’ll be referring to “ (Francesca Gino, 2011) the ability to be creative has always been highly sought after for employers as well as create jobs for others. Being creative and innovative is a great asset to possess as it can provide much opportunity to the individual with the craft.  One can be creative in many fields not just the arts; creative people can hold careers in the sciences, and technologies as well! This said being creative has some downfalls such as a pre-disposition to dishonesty, risky behavior, and immoral actions. While society demes these characteristics detrimental they allow the individual to work successfully towards their goal with little to no guilt. Because of this advantage people who are creative tend to be more successful in life goals and achievements, unlike the uncreative mind. (Francesca Gino, 2011) “We propose that high levels of divergent thinking and cognitive flexibility are likely to be associated with dishonest behavior when individuals are motivated to think creatively, either because of their own personalities or because of cues in the surrounding environment.” (Francesca Gino, 2011, p. 4) . This allows them to bypass any moral values they may poses.

People with ADHD characteristics are more likely to reach higher levels of creative thought and achievement than people without these characteristic” (Kaufman, 2014) .This article I will be using looks at the remarkable similarities that people with ADHD have with creative people. Both have “leaky” thoughts; the inability to suppress thoughts and organize them in a productive way. They are often hyper, energetic and freethinking people. Through studies dating back to the early 60’s the author explains how they may be one in the same, and that ADHD may just be a result of a highly creative person and not a mental disability. The brain activity in a person with ADHD is the same as a person who is creative; oddly people with ADHD tend to have more activity in these sectors of the brain, suggesting the former may have marret. (Kaufman, 2014)

The following book I have referred to looks at how the creative trait could be traced through evolution and how even today these traits hold strong. The book looks at the distinction between the hereditability of deviation and character.  (Henri Bergson Translation by Arthur Mitchell, 1960) The book Talks about the genetic make up of a Deviate trait, as well as how through evolution it has become more prevalent in each generation. While both hold the potential to be creative it is normally only those who have the deviate trait that succeeds. The characteristic traits have a creative aspect to them as well but don’t have the drive the deviate traits do to succeed.  The book also explained that while there can be other traits that contribute to one’s creativity these two traits are the base of all creativity. People who have a more character driven base for their creativity tend to be safer often expressing a crafty, more savvy release to their creative outlet. These people often have a solid career that they don’t venture from and do there form art on the side more like a hobby.  While on the other hand people who have the deviant aspect to their creativity, tend to be more risky in the chosen art form often making it a career or lifestyle for them. (Henri Bergson Translation by Arthur Mitchell, 1960)

This book is a philosophical take on the creative mind. It talks about how everyone has the ability to be creative but not everyone can break into it and harness its muse! “Of the cocoon from which the butterfly is to emerge, and cling that the fluttering, changing, living butterfly finds its rasison d’etre and fulfillment”. (Andison, 1971) This quote the author used to describe how like a butterfly creative people emerge from the confinements of the human brain. Bergson then goes on to explain why and how these people are able explore their inner mind. Accordingly it often is because of an early on encounter in which an event exposed something well beyond ones years which triggers the innate nature of curiosity, eventually leading them down the path of creativity.  Many things can decide on which form of the arts one will go down, such as environment, support systems, and one’s personal surroundings ( ie… music rich culture) .

Finally I come to the last article “The Science of Creativity” (American Psychology Association, 2009). This article I found particularly interesting as it took a different view of how one can be creative. The article also explains how school ruins one’s ability to be creative; with all the rules and regulations to follow there is not much room for creativity, yet at the same time they ask that you show creativity as it is an asset. The article outlines how one can exercise ones potential to become creative. In steps it scientifically explains why the technique works and what possible tools can be used to aid in this journey to creativity. Capture your new ideas. Keep an idea notebook or voice recorder with you, type in new thoughts on your laptop or write ideas down on a napkin.” (American Psychology Association, 2009, p. 1).  These pointers on how to ignite ones creativity seem simple enough yet effective at the same time. The idea that one can learn to be creative is interesting, but after doing much research on this topic the biological theory of creative people seems to the stronger argument of ‘what makes a creative person’ and so with my own satisfaction I rest my case!

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Lets talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about you and me…. — May 5, 2014

Lets talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about you and me….

Seeing,Dating,Marriage……………what does it mean and to who?

Your brain in love

Just recently a friend of mine began a relationship with a married man. Looking at relationships and love from a catholic societal point of view (seeing as how most of society’s laws and norms are based on this religion). Fully Understanding this I took a look at the bible, to see the words in print that make people form feelings guilt because of their natural biological urges. Not to my surprise I found nothing in the bible about being only ever with one person,in fact I found the opposite -1 Corinthians 13:7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part.
Now I’m sure like the church the text from the bible is purely based on interpretation,and so my unbiased interpretation begins….

The above script from the bible was not the only I read but I found it made my point quit well. It simply states what love is and what love is not! But it also has a bit (13:8) where it clearly states that because of people’s corruption of love using language,skills and knowledge it will simply not be what it should be. Love can very well be many, love is meant for all not to one. So does “cheating” on your spouse go against the bible? does having sex with a person who is not your spouse go against the church? Why does society’s views on what is normal and acceptable seem to be the only way? And finally why do people conform?

You see from a young age I was a LIBERAL THINKER and this drove everyone crazy! My mom still to this day tells me my way of thinking ” is not right” I laugh every time and simply respond by telling her that her way of thinking is predictable. She rolls her eyes! The questions about sexuality and individualism always baffle me,and I don’t think sexuality will ever be considered right, but what is wrong I guess will always be there.
Please take a look at the video I attached from DNews. they very cleverly and accurately explain the chemical reactions your brain and body go thew when you “fall in love” and to me anyway show who one can romantically love many!

Thousands from Windsor-Essex back campaign against privatized healthcare (With video) — April 7, 2014
Snow? white, fluffy and so much fun! — December 15, 2013

Snow? white, fluffy and so much fun!

While it has been some time since writing my followers, I really wanted to wined down with a hot cup of coffee, decompress from exams and watch the beautiful sparkling snow fall to the ground when it hit me….. It’s been months since I wrote on my blog, and so hear is my blog about…. SNOW!! I’m unsure of how many of you would or do actually still remember your grade 3 science class lecture on the states of matter but the gist of it is there are 3 main states Gas, Liquid,and Solid. How they transfer from one to another differ greatly and not all substances do change into other states. This now bringing us to the main topic of snow, it’s very exciting to see the different styles ,shapes and speeds of snow. Each thing I mentioned determines the type of snow you see and when. When it first begins to now its extremely soft ,slushy and never stays long, that’s because the water molecules that are falling have one to many holes in them that allow warmer air into them causing them to be far to hot to continue existing going from a solid to a liquid fast. Then again there is always that horrible hail that nobody enjoys that’s pellets of water with absolutely no holes in them speeding fast to the ground. Bringing me to my favorite SNOWFLAKES! They are to me, the most beautiful. Simple yet so complex in design they fall in a slower manner compared to the other types of snow allowing the water to spread and freeze each one in different ways and designs. In order for this to happen the temperature needs to much colder and the wind speed slower, the Christmas morning many look forwarded to! While I’m sure many do not see the science behind this beautiful experience it’s nice to know how what you are looking happens in such a way that simply amazing.

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!  

GOOD SEX? BAD SEX — October 9, 2013


What makes it good? Are you having good sex? You give him head but he don’t return the favor…….. not hot enough, not wet, not hard enough…… what’s a lady to do?
Ever watch a movie and see a couple go at with intense passion……. and think to yourself “that is just beautiful” and then go home and want to make love with your partner…… and next thing you know you thinking about what you have to do the next day, or it’s so quiet not a sound it’s awkward. It’s very common Sex experts say that is more common then not. That sex like you see on the big screen is rare if not impossible unless your a professional and even then….
So how to try and make things better? Talk!
I’m not saying just walk up to your partner and be like “hey our sex life is horrible….” doing during sex let them know that you like that or don’t like that. move into it with body language…… and remember that good sex does not always mean having an orgasm!

P.S safe sex or no sex be responsible use a condom and dental dams

Drugs and addiction?? — September 18, 2013

Drugs and addiction??

Different way’s to take drugs orally, injection and inhalation……..

legal and illegal all drugs are taken in one of these way’s but do we really know what we are doing to our body’s?

allow me to paint a little picture for you:

Image( ok clearly I did not paint this but…) neuron’s do not touch EVER! when we take a drug it fills into the space between the neuron’s and when some thing called reuptake happens the ” new substance” blocks the naturally made drugs from going back up. Now just take a moment…….. and think what do you think something like birth control does or that glass of whine…… does not look good does it?

There are a total of 52 naturally made chemicals we know of today!



Been Awhile — August 25, 2013

Been Awhile

Hey, every I know it’s been awhile school has been a killer. starting new program this September should be fun. My girlfriend and I are going in the same program so I will at least know someone because I’m sure we all know what it’s like to walk in some where and not know a single person….. any who this school year I will kepp everyone updated on the wonderful new science things I come across.

Premature Ejaculation………. — May 3, 2013

Premature Ejaculation……….

While having my weekly girl talk with my girlfriends and one male friend, the topic of discussion seemed to be on BAD sexual experiences. Everyone had seemed to have this problem, my guy friend who is not gay I might mention has at one point had this very unpleasant dilemma. So why is it that this happens….. and what can we ,both men and women do to fix this problem?
After doing some research on this I was able to conclude that;
One men learn everything from porn!
Porn is not what sex looks like and those moves…?
For instance flicking your tongue over a womens clitoris is just annoying and sometimes painful, but is seen in porn all over the place why? It’s simple…. the camera would not be able to film the “action” if the guy was doing it right it would just get a head bobbing up and down….. not very sexy, remember the people in pornos are actors too! So men and women stop getting your ideas from porn it’s fake.
Two foreplay is good….
Women need a lot more stimulation to even get comfortable to begin receiving and enjoying orgasms.Men however see this as a tedious chore that many lamely do or just skip all together. DON’T DO THIS! Explore your partners body try new techniques like nibbling or fingering in different patterns. Women enjoy this attention which allows them accept the orgasms and not feel guilty about getting all the attention and ignore their other daily chores.
Three slow down…..
Men again to the porn thing don’t “slam” women like you see on your own privet collection. The pounding and slamming and the fast past stamina thing is not pleasant,and does not make us fell sexy and make us feel up to more sex after. However women understand that in order to get “close” you need that type of sex but try this next time……. go fast and hard until your really close to cuming then go back to slow and focus on her more or change up your position, this will allow you last longer, get her to orgasm, and give both a “blasting” orgasm…… and yes women squrit when they have a good orgasm kinds feels like the urge to pee….
These things will help you and allow you to know that you satisfied your lady!