Terra Rubrae

filipina1Women have been known as healer, nurturers the heart of the home, why have they been put in such a dark place is unsure.  Doing my research, I found a few reasons why.  Midwives as well as witches (at times one in the same) were known as the village healers, in many cases.  They helped women during childbirth by easing pain and delivery.  They’ve healed and cured many illnesses for many people and animals, including the “important” people.  Look at the case of Allison Peirsoun of Byrehill.  The ailing bishop of St. Andrews called upon her and she successfully cured him, saving his life if you will.  He then refused to pay her and had her arrested for witchcraft and burned at the stake.  In the 1500s if a physician could not find the nature of a disease it was automatically bewitchment.  The Orthodox Christians even went as far as believing…

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