While having my weekly girl talk with my girlfriends and one male friend, the topic of discussion seemed to be on BAD sexual experiences. Everyone had seemed to have this problem, my guy friend who is not gay I might mention has at one point had this very unpleasant dilemma. So why is it that this happens….. and what can we ,both men and women do to fix this problem?
After doing some research on this I was able to conclude that;
One men learn everything from porn!
Porn is not what sex looks like and those moves…?
For instance flicking your tongue over a womens clitoris is just annoying and sometimes painful, but is seen in porn all over the place why? It’s simple…. the camera would not be able to film the “action” if the guy was doing it right it would just get a head bobbing up and down….. not very sexy, remember the people in pornos are actors too! So men and women stop getting your ideas from porn it’s fake.
Two foreplay is good….
Women need a lot more stimulation to even get comfortable to begin receiving and enjoying orgasms.Men however see this as a tedious chore that many lamely do or just skip all together. DON’T DO THIS! Explore your partners body try new techniques like nibbling or fingering in different patterns. Women enjoy this attention which allows them accept the orgasms and not feel guilty about getting all the attention and ignore their other daily chores.
Three slow down…..
Men again to the porn thing don’t “slam” women like you see on your own privet collection. The pounding and slamming and the fast past stamina thing is not pleasant,and does not make us fell sexy and make us feel up to more sex after. However women understand that in order to get “close” you need that type of sex but try this next time……. go fast and hard until your really close to cuming then go back to slow and focus on her more or change up your position, this will allow you last longer, get her to orgasm, and give both a “blasting” orgasm…… and yes women squrit when they have a good orgasm kinds feels like the urge to pee….
These things will help you and allow you to know that you satisfied your lady!