I’ve recently saw this video in my psychology class clearly displaying group conformity. We as social animals we don’t like to stand out…… and so while realizing this it hit me humans don’t choose to be monogamist we do it because we don’t want to stick out. Yet we we do, 90% of coupled people married or not have at one point in the relationship have “cheated”. Our genetic makeup and animal instinct says its in our nature to want multiple partners each giving different things. You see women genetically need a man who is strong can provide shelter and support. Men on the other hand genetically need to produce as many offspring as possible, and in order to do this they need to to show the women that they can provide these things just like the males of many other species the males need to be shiny and have lots of bobbles and what not to show this, in humans this is most recognized as muscles, hummer cars, and a high paying careers. So why not? Get different things from different men/ women, I mean lets face it no one person can provide everything one is looking for……….. other wise we’d be perfect!