Today I was talking to a man a potential date! Only this time it was a bit different I got butterflies in my stomach which I realized I had no idea what this feeling was or how it happened? So I went to the computer to do some research…… I found out that this feeling was caused by a hormone released when the body comes into contact with another this hormone is called the ” love hormone ” or scientifically as oxytocin. This hormone is injected into our brain each and every time we come in contact with one another it’s also released when a women gives birth to her new born infant, it also lubricates our joints during sex. Though this hormone men produce it far more often then women some say it is what attracts women to there male counter part. This happens when the hormones smell complement the smeller causing an instant attraction. A study I found interesting on the topic ( I suggest you take a look for other info on this topic.