Can Glass Hear? While watching my favorite t.v show “Fringe” the use a circular piece of glass and place it on a megaphone recored player at which they hook up a voice frequentcer to hear the actual sounds and words. Completely baffled by this idea i went online to see if this was even possible. Unfortunately other then myths and theory’s I came up empty handed.So I asked myself if this could even be possible and why or why not, and how it could help in todays world or in the near future? while thinking seriously using my knowledge of chemistry,physics and theoretical physics and basic logic and reasoning skills I began to weave a theory. As children we used a glass to eavesdrop on our parents among other thing like the string and paper cups which work as well with eavesdropping. But as im sure we all no why this work, but to be on the safe side ill explain why these methods work.
So long as the string between the two paper cups is tight Here is why it works. When one person talks into his/her cup, the bottom of the cup vibrates back and forth with the sound waves. Imagine the bottom of the cup moving back and forth very quickly (1,000 times per second or more) with the sound waves of the speaker’s voice. The vibrations travel through the string by pulling the string back and forth. Therefore, the bottom of the second cup should start to vibrate back and forth just like the bottom of the first cup is vibrating, producing sound waves. The second person can hear the sound waves and can therefore hear what the first person says.(how stuff works)
As for the glass cup The funnel-like shape of a cup is able to capture sounds and funnel more sound waves into a smaller area.(ehow)

So if glass can amplify sound can it hold sound? What I came up with is that sound can in fact break glass is why not if loud enough with out breaking the glass why can’t it become in-bedded in the glass. For all intents and purposes it sounds like it can work. Now lets look at a recored player and there discs. The discs work by placing a vibrating needle over a series of groves creating sound, now glass is by far much smoother then a record so how can it be played to create sound? This is what I thought the best theory was to figure out how it could work, glass is sand boiled to an extremely hot temperature melting it for lack of better term. Sand is quite rough perhaps making unnoticeable groves allowing a recored player to play back the sound.
How ever now saying this it seems extremely far fetched it’s my belief that the glass would have to melted to release the sound in side now how once releasing that sound one would keep it to listen to it I don’t know!

Just a little food for thought